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Sorry, something went wrong. When a window pops up saying you need to accept the license agreement, check the box that says you agree. But instead of clicking on the green Download link which will send you to the login pageright-click the download link and select Copy Link Location. Paste the copied link into a text editor like Notepad. You'll see the link points to something like oracle.

Select "Copy Link Location" and then paste it into a text editor like Notepad. NOTE: you may need to change the otn in the path to otn-pub as described below. Denis-Memo this doesn't seem to yield any useful results for me with the newest jdk version Didn't really try with much else but it's a good start.

Instead of right-clicking on the download link, just click on it first. A box will pop up saying you need to accept the license agreement. Check the box that says you agree if you agree. Thanks for ruining Java. I how to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free mine by replacing otn in the How to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free with otn-pubmaybe that might help someone? Thanks Peter! That worked for me as well. Thanks for the tip about using "otn-pub" in the URL. I needed a legacy version 12 for Mac, and the following worked for me:.

Thank you very much! Perhaps you want to download Java SE instead? If one prefers a non-CLI method, as others have mentioned, you can add a '-pub' after 'otn' in the URL, as demonstrated in the wget command. Go to the oracle download page and accept the license agreement. Thanks guys Replace the otn with otn-pub in the above URI is the real magic that fix the error. Heres the modified link:. PeterTillema adding -pub works. I'm pretty sure that, Oracle is reading this thread.

Bug me not has working login data for Oracle. Just go to bug me not dot com, search for oracle dot com first link has worked for me today. Also interesting is that -L for redirect was essential, and I ended up finding a second URL to fetch when I ran the above command with the --verbose flag:.

There is also Wget for Windows. A few options can be found suggested on this StackExchange page. Thanks, it worked for me. Just copied the part after nexturl and in it replaced otn with otn-pub. Note: This will not work in Incognito mode though. Open it in the same window in which you accepted the agreement with checkbox.

Looks like it relies on cookies to a grant download access. FFS oracle. If you are trying to get the latest version i. I am curious to how to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free why they are asking for Signup for downloading older versions. With reference to the curl command I left above, I discovered something a little surprising: It works like a charm on Mojave but not on How to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free.

The curl on Catalina with the same flags, header, and URL to fetch with otn-pubwith the verbose flag set, shows that it will not even get as far as the redirect why -L is present before it errors, and what output how to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free does fetch shows the 'unauthorized' message from Oracle you typically see when the header is not passed. I spent about 45 minutes debugging this in a script I wrote that works fine on Mojave and determined that there must be a difference in the behavior of curl, corresponding to the difference in version of curl rolled out with each How to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free, since I literally copy how to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free pasted the same command and ran it on both OSes with different results.

Furthermore, the command on Mojave worked flawlessly at scale to over 12 hosts I pushed it out to, so it truly seems to be isolated to Catalina's version of curl. JuganD thanks, it works for the link. This is a fucking joke. Oracle can SMD. JuganD link works btw, thank you. I only need this JDK for building Cordova apps and nothing more. Having to provide way too much sensitive information to Oracle just to get an SDK that another framework requires is right out ridiculous.

I understand that if JDK 8 works fine for Cordova they wont upgrade if there is no other motivation. Just like older. By requiring to sign up and provididing sensitive data, Oracle practically kills the motivation behind backwards compatibility as applications which work fine with JDK 8 or JDK 7 need to have their code updated as they cannot expect every one of their users to signup an account with Oracle. Absolute madness. Click your windows download Click I accept terms Right click the green download button url Copy link address so say.

Thank you! You are a HERO. Oracle won't send verification emails so I can't even create an account if I wanted to. They do send verification emails, just extremely slow They sent mine days later.

I have no idea why they would do such radical thing if this is intentional. Also, let this be known as the first time I have ever publicly commented on githb. Thx again :. Thank you all so much. That own-pub fixed it. But man the fact that Oracle makes this step more complicated makes me not have anything good to say about the company This seems to be working for newer versions.

I wanted to download JDK 6 for some testing and it does not work. I tried this link and get a That was the only solution suitable for me, thank you JuganD how to download jdk 7 for windows 8 free -pub does not help now at least for these jdk8 links above. Getting gradle to work is giving me more than a headache.

This link worked for me too. HTTP request sent, awaiting response It does. Yeah, real-cereal-boy 's solution works. Hello, I need to download the jdk8 u, but none of the links seem to work? May anyone help me with this? I have tried these tips above but it does not worked for me. So I decided to use a temporary mail with an account so i can download it. This is the credentials for login and download the version he wants :.

So to do this you need to find the download, click it and then accept the license agreement but do not press the green button to download.

Right click it then Copy Link Address. Then we'll find this particular URL inside jinstall. Finally it's a piece of cake to download anything directly without having to run cURL or Wget etc.

Hi can you share the creation procedure for Linux x64 tar. Tks in advance. It's the same, but simply change windows-i to linux-i This finally works. I was getting redirected to a page on Oracle's site, even after doing everything as mentioned above. Simply follow my procedure above, but change windows-i to unix-i Thank god for the amazing people in this thread.

I just used this link posted by RathaROG and it seems to be the latest version. I've recently looked into developing minecraft plugins using intellij and this helped me a lot in avoiding the annoying process. Hello, i want to download Java Runtime Environment 1. Without the pub it redirects me to the login page. Thanks in advance. DevLisuu Java releases newer than 8 seem to not be served from javadl. If you need a recent JDK, try logging in with the credentials listed herewhich, amazingly, still work.

Thank you!!

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    You commit an error. I suggest it to discuss.

    JDK 17 binaries are free to use in production and free to redistribute, JDK 8 software is licensed under the Oracle Technology Network License Agreement. Java manual download page. Get the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux.

    I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

    This is JDK and JRE. 7th and 8th ver. Here is the step by step procedure to download and install the latest OpenJDK 7 on Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7. Go to Click on Reference Implementation - OpenJDK 7. Download the zip / tar distributions based on your operating system.

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